Private Chef

P rivate chefs aren’t just for celebrities. Bring the world to your home!

Maximiliano Pettit invites you to discover all food senses.

With custom dishes chosen with the client, he puts together different flavors from around the world to design a menu that is both elegant and uncomplicated. The result: a unique gourmet experience.

Local or ethnic dishes, formal or casual settings, from sophisticated tasting courses to family-style feast. Menus are based on seasonal ingredients and designed to cater every special occasion.

All his knowledge and experiences from around the globe come together to create a world- class dinning experience.

You can upgrade your event with wine pairing chosen for you and your guests by wine specialist Marisa Neuser.

Maximiliano Pettit offers his services for special occasions, long weekends or a full week of gourmet meals prepared at your home to enjoy at your own time!

Please contact Maximilisno Pettit to start cooking your next experience.

Discover food senses