Cooking Clases

Maximiliano Pettit

P rivate Hands-On Classes

There is only one real “trick” to eating healthy: Home Cooking! Whether you are just learning or been cooking for years, a private lesson will help you take your skills to the next level.

Maximiliano Pettit is ready to come to your home to guide you, or a group of friends, through a fun day of cooking right in your very own kitchen. Classes are tailored to each individual’s needs, so the sky is the limit!

Basic Class Structure:

The class includes pre-planning the lesson and printing all the recipes. They take between three to four hours, depending on your enthusiasm and participation. Maximiliano Pettit will set up prior to the class and clean up afterwards.
All dishes cooked are for the participant/s to enjoy and exchange opinions upon.


» One participant: $350
» Two participants: $500.
» Up to four participants: $200 each
» Up to eight (maximum): $150 per participant

Cost includes main food expenses and will utilize basic ingredients from your pantry, such as dry spices or oils. Once the class has been planned, a list of necessary kitchen tools will be provided.

Live Cooking Classes and Gift Certificates are available!

Please contact Maximiliano Pettit to start organizing your next class.

Cooking Classes