Maximiliano Pettit

M aximiliano Pettit customs menus for each occasion based on season availability, client preferences and dietary restrictions.

However, for those of you who want to get an idea of the kind of creations he has made, please see some sample menus below.

Watch the Menu:

(all soups are dairy free and homemade chicken stock base)

» Gazpachito
» Vichyssoise
» Cucumber and dill
» Peach, melon and basil
» Roasted artichokes
» Tomato and basil bisque
» Vegetables minestrone and beluga lentils
» Leeks, potatoes and saffron
» Sweet potato and roasted roots
» Lobster bisque
» Seafood “chupin”
» Blue crab and butternut squash
» Rice and chicken
» Spicy chicken and coconut cream
» Spicy chicken and coconut cream
» Oxtail and beets

» Grilled seasonal vegetable salad
» Grated carrots, poached egg and roasted beets. Herb yogurt dressing
» Beluga lentil, barley, faro, cucumber and shallot. Champagne vinaigrette
» Assorted kales and romaine, farm poached egg, grilled cured ham
» Warm spinach salad with roasted vegetables, figs, sumac and Feta cheese
» Poached salmon Nicosia salad
» Herbs salad with toasted almonds and pomegranate
» Tropical Salad

» Thin sliced seasonal fish, lime and grapefruit juice, mango, aji limo
» Grilled and raw seasonal vegetables platter
» Wild mushrooms ceviche
» Empanada Tucumana (hand-cut sirloin steak stuffed pastry)
» Home made chicken cognac infused liver pate
» Escabeche (Argentinean style picked seasonal vegetables and quail)
» Mezze trio (hummus, Tunisian tabbouleh and baba ganoush)
» Stir-fried crispy tofu with peanuts and sweet soy sauce
» Shrimp sautéed with ouzo, fresh tomato sauce and feta

» Oven roasted whole red snapper Piri-Piri, wrapped in banana leaf, served with coconut rice, black beans & Plantain
» Szechuan crusted salmon with mango salad
» Bouillabaisse
» Charred octopus with warm garbanzo salad
» Oyster stew
» Braised chicken legs with artichokes, olives and figs
» Tandoori chicken with tikka masala sauce
» Coq au vin
» Moroccan chicken tagine
» Duck breast with caramelized figs and shallots and spicy wild rice
» Crispy pork belly with succotash
» Charcuterie Alsacienne
» Ham hocks, black-eyed peas and greens
» Veal chop Milanese with herbs mushed potatoes and cumin roasted carrots
» Braised short ribs with roasted fennel and parsnip puree
» Beef stroganoff with egg noodles
» Grilled grass fed tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce
» Venison tenderloin with black currant sauce and roasted root veggies
» Lamb chop with crispy sweetbreads, tabboulleh, turnip greens and warm beans salad
» Venison and wild mushrooms stew with rustic yum puree

» Champagne and lemon mousse
» Panqueque con dulce de leche
» Basil sabayon and marinated strawberries
» Affogato
» Warm tart tatin
» Chocolate fondant
» Mixed berries cobbler
» Banana Fosters
» Gluten free chocolate brownie
» Malbec poached pears

Please contact Maximiliano Pettit to start preparing your next menu.