Maximiliano Pettit

M aximiliano Pettit brings to your home or ranch Argentinean’s most famous cuisine: Open-fire cooking, traditionally called “Asados”.

Dishes and options varies, but generally it’s all about fresh meats grilled on open flames. From flash grilled rib-eyes steaks to slow cooked cabritos and pigs.

Below are some of the most traditional options. Maximiliano Pettit can prepare asados for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 40.

La Parrilla:

» Tandil-style, black pepper salami, cold black pudding and milanesa, goat cheese, olives, pecans, vegetables escabeche, country bread

» sweetbreads, kidney, chorizo, black pudding, chinchulines, proveleta

» Assorted salads

(all served with salsa criolla & selection of chimichurris)

» Asado de tira (short ribs)
» Ojo de bife (rib eye)
» Bife de chorizo (strip loin steak )
» Mollejas & chorizo (sweetbread and pork sausage)
» Entraña (skirt steak)
» Costilla de cordero (lamb chops)
» Colita de cuadril (tri-tip)
» Cuarto de pollo (¼ grilled chicken)
» Bife de costilla (t-bone)
» Pesca del día (catch of the day on a half shell)
» Matambrito de cerdo (pork flank steak)

» Cabrito entero a la cruz (Whole slow grilled goat on the cross)

» Lechon entero a la cruz (Whole pig slow grilled on the cross)

» Vegetables cooked with ashes
» Fried potatoes with garlic and parsley
» Slowed cooked mixed beans
» Sweet corn and red pepper puree
» Roasted okra and brussels sprouts
» Potato and pumpkin mash
» Collard and mustard greens

» Thin layers of puff pastry filled with dulce de leche
» Three month aged Manchego cheese and quince marmelade
» Traditional flan with orange zest
» Thin warm crepe filled with dulce de leche, whipped cream
» Chocolate mousse

Please contact Maximiliano Pettit for more information.

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